Improve Your Water with Kinetico

Since 1987, American Water has been providing Kinetico water treatment products to Austin, Round Rock, and all of Central Texas. Our full line of innovative Kinetico water purifying systems were engineered to remove everything that isn’t water from your water. Our products range from water softeners, drinking water systems, reverse osmosis systems, home water filtration systems, and more.

Instead of electricity, our Kinetico products use the force of moving water to get their power. They also provide the highest level of water filtration, to ensure that your water is clean and safe. Get a water purifying system for your home or office today and experience the Kinetico difference.

Interview with Leonard Strickler

Find the Best Water Filtration System for You

We know it can be difficult to choose the right water purification system for your needs. So let our expert team at American Water guide you in the process. We have over 25 years experience in the industry and will take time to determine your specific needs and customize a water solution for your home. With Kinetico products you can rest assured that each time you turn on the tap you’re getting water – and only water.

There are many benefits in getting a Kinetico system for your home or office. Besides cleaner, better tasting water, our products can help you save money too. With a water softener you can expect to use less soaps, and see extended life for your appliances. With less scale buildup in your pipes, your home’s plumbing system will benefit as well. Not to mention water softeners other benefits, such as smoother hair and skin and brighter laundry.

Our Water Softeners Continually Earn Best Buy Ratings

Kinetico has been a leader in water softeners and water purification systems since 1970. Our innovative and effective products have improved people’s quality of life and solved an array of water problems. In fact, Kinetico water softeners have been awarded a Best Buy rating from Consumer Digest on a consistent basis.

Start experiencing for yourself the benefits of one of our water treatment systems. Contact us today at 800-959-7350 or fill out a quick quote form to get started!

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