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Cedar Park gets its water from the Lake Travis portion of the Colorado River. Lake Travis is part of the “Highland Lakes” which are created by six dams, and Lake Travis is formed by Mansfield Dam.

Water is pumped from intake facilities at the lake through a 15 mile long pipe up to the City of Cedar Park. From there the water is treated and pumped to homes and businesses all throughout the Cedar Park. Some homes also use well water as their water source.

The city is allotted 18,000 acres-feet of water each year through Cedar Park’s contract with the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA). Fortunately, the city typically uses less than 14,000 acre-feet each year. However, with the fast paced growth of the area, this amount may increase in the coming years to accommodate the growing population.

Does Cedar Park Have Hard Water?

According to the Annual Drinking Water Quality Report from the City of Cedar Park, in 2011 the city had a Hardness as CaCO3 level of 181 ppm. This means that in a million parts, 181 of them were CaCO3. This is a naturally occurring amount of calcium and magnesium. While this is not harmful, it is deemed as “hard” water.

Hard water can cause problems with appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines and water heaters. The calcium and magnesium build up can contribute to inefficient operation. Hard water can also leave dishes looking spotted and laundry looking dingy. Hard water can also leave a film on your skin and hair leading to dullness or irritation.

What are the Benefits of a Kinetico Water System?

Kinetico offers water softener systems and drinking water systems. We also offer bottleless water cooler systems. These systems filter the water to remove the contaminants, leaving your water in it’s purest and cleanest state. Not only does soft water taste fresher, it can save you money by preventing calcium build up in appliances which also prevents those costly repairs.

Soft water also means less housework. Your sinks, tubs and faucets will no longer have limescale buildup. Your laundry will come out softer and brighter. Gone are the days of spotted glasses from the dishwasher!

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